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Water Filtration

Water filtration is essential for maintaining good health - for the people in your residential or commercial property - and for your pipes, taps, shower heads, hot water cylinders and other plumbing fixtures.

At Watertech Plus, we provide contemporary water filtration solutions customised to target any issues present in your water. We can provide you with sediment and mineral removal and water imbalance correction and install a filter that will neutralise micro-bacteria. 

Our water filter product range includes simple inline filters and iron removal systems all the way through to reverse osmosis treatment designed to remove 99% of lead, asbestos and a myriad of other contaminants.

Our water filter solutions are tailored to suit the particular situation, and our experienced team will start by testing your water to discover the pH balance and the makeup of the water - this will ensure we understand what approach will work best for you. You may need a simple under-sink filter in your kitchen, or it may be necessary to install water filtration that treats all the mains water flow into your house or commercial property.

Once we have identified the best approach, we can install high-quality equipment and follow up with our backup service, support, and ongoing maintenance programme.

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Watertech Plus are your New Zealand water filter system professionals. Get in touch to book a water filter assessment or have a chat with our friendly team.

Ask us about mains water filters, cartridge replacement and other parts and products to ensure your drinking water at home and work remains free of chlorine and other harmful chemicals when you turn on your tap.


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