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Pool & Spa

Browse our spa and pool products, including the Crystal Water range across Hydrochloric Acid, Liquid Chlorine, Calcium Hardness Increaser and more. Keep your spa immaculate with the Boreal Rechargeable Spa Vacuum, which is entirely submersible, works smoothly with built-in wheels and ensures your spa is always clean and inviting.
Explore our products for the care and maintenance of your spa filter; choose the Bioguard Filter Brite to extend the life of your filter by improving circulation and eliminating grease, scale, rust and organic waste. Or order our BioGuard MSA Extreme to decimate swimming pool algae without discolouring your water or hair.
Our product range includes Swirl Away Pipe Cleaners, Bioguard Phos Kill, and Aromatherapy Spa Salts designed to deliver a relaxing soak with sea salts and natural herbs extracted and combined to reduce muscle inflammation and tension.
Click on the images below to view our carefully selected product range, or get in touch to chat with our friendly team.

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