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Need a new water pump installed?

Residential and Commercial Water Pump installation are specialised services.

At Watertech, we are known for our special skills in rejuvenating an existing pump. However, sometimes it’s impossible to go any further with servicing and repairs, and a new Water Pump is your best option.

Watertech Plus are the premier supplier of Water Pumps across the Auckland & Northland regions, and we supply, install and service Farms, Schools, Orchards, Commercial and Residential customers.

We can send someone out to assess the situation, let you know which new pump we recommend and book your installation.

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How long since you had your Water Pump serviced?

At Watertech Plus, we recommend regular servicing for your Water Pumps. If you book an annual check-up, you will extend the life of your pump and offset the chances of dealing with an emergency situation.

Water pumps are liable to breakdown at the worst possible moment if they are not properly maintained, so it pays to stay on top of your servicing. Servicing will address mounting points, mechanical seals & packing, couplings, filters, lubrication - and an inspection of the motor.

Watertech Plus can replace damaged seals and hoses before they degrade and you end up with a broken pump and a house full of people on a public holiday.

If you need service outside of your scheduled maintenance, Watertech Plus offers our customers an end-to-end service and support system.

Just fill out the contact form or call us to discuss getting a technician around to restart or replace your Water Pump.

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