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Water Filtration

Watertech Plus has you covered for all your residential and commercial water filtration needs. We supply a wide range of filtration accessories and treatment solutions, including the Puretank Tank Safe range, to treat your rainwater supply before it travels into your pipes.
Our Water Softener options include the IGS Water Conditioner with a non-sacrificial catalytic converter and the Puretec Volumetric E3-Matic, which delivers protection against premature replacement of many fixtures and appliances - including hot water systems.
For sparkling, chilled or boiling temperature water, filtered and delivered to your benchtop in contemporary style, choose the Sparq-S6 Sparkling, Chilled & Boiling Hot, Faucet + Ultra-Z Filtration unit in black or chrome.
For these and many other water filtration options, click on the appropriate image box below and start enjoying an exceptional water supply for your home or business.

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