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Water Irrigation

Efficient use of your resources is an essential part of effective business management, and utilising a high-quality irrigation system for your residential, commercial or agricultural property will ensure you are taking a sustainable approach financially - and from an environmental perspective.

At Watertech Plus, our team is on board from the initial planning for your water irrigation setup to its installation and ongoing maintenance. With expert knowledge across drip micro, spray line (pods, long lateral, solid set), linear and centre pivot irrigation systems, we have excellent relationships with suppliers across all the components needed to ensure your water irrigation works hard to preserve and dispense your resources in the most efficient way possible.


Because each property has unique needs, correct planning is essential to developing an effective system. Pre-planning will involve identifying the best use of irrigation for a good return on your investment, discovering whether the water is coming from an affordable source, and exploring whether a consent application will also be required. 

You should also understand upfront what kind of environmental effect your irrigation decisions will have in a broader sense.


Once we have helped to plan your approach, we can move on to developing a design and installing your system, and once it’s operational, we can test it. Some of the factors that you will need to consider when you are choosing the correct irrigation for your unique circumstances include the terrain, what kind of management processes will need to be put into place to ensure the ongoing running of your irrigation, the climate conditions you are dealing with - and the type of soil on your property.

Watertech Plus will accurately measure the total area to be irrigated and get an accurate awareness of the existing infrastructure, power supplies, the topography of the property and drainage areas and streams.

Each crop type will have an ideal approach, and even in a residential setting, you should be designing your water dispersal for the specific type of plants you are looking to irrigate. 

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Good irrigation is a valuable asset, and proper planning, design, installation, and maintenance will ensure that you get the best return from your investment - it’s essential to hire a professional as multiple variables are at play.

Watertech Plus are your local experts; get in touch today to chat with our friendly staff about your water irrigation needs.


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