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Spa Filters - why they are so important!

Your spa filter is designed to collect unwanted particles, such as soaps, oils and debris and needs cleaning periodically.

For high use spas we recommend cleaning every 2-3 weeks and for low usage every 4 weeks approx.

A blocked or restricted filter can put unnecessary pressure on your pump and motor which will decrease its lifespan.

Over time, your filter cartridge will gradually degenerate to the point it will need replacing – usually 12 to 18months depending on usage.

This will be evident when you find the filter is blocking more quickly than usual, you are having to clean it more frequently, or even restricted and inconsistent water flow.

In extreme cases you may see error messages on your touchpad, and the spa may stop altogether.

There are many hundreds of different kinds and sizes of spa filters, and it’s often difficult to figure out which one you need to purchase.

In order to get the correct filter, you can either bring your filter in for us to measure and match it or supply the measurements yourself.

We stock a range of filter sizes, if we don’t have an exact match we will source one from our NZ supplier.

We are proud to sell quality, New Zealand made filter cartridges.

Pop in and see us when you need a new filter and bring in a water sample for a complimentary check of your water balance.

We sell all the spa products needed to keep you spa water sparkling, healthy, and inviting.

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