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Revolutionise Your Water Quality with Our Treatment Solutions

Water, water, everywhere, but is it okay to drink? Whether you are at or at work, your water quality is a big contributor to your ongoing quality of life. Treating your water has many benefits, and today, we’re reviewing what they are.


There are quite a few signs that you can look out for that will indicate that your water needs attention, and it’s best not to ignore these red flags as there are a range of illnesses that can be triggered by nasty bacteria lurking in your water.


If you notice that your tapware is starting to show a white build-up around the mouth of the tap or at the base, you may have a sediment issue; spotting in your shower can reveal excess calcium and magnesium in the water. If you notice an odour coming from your water, it really is time for swift action, as you may have anaerobic bacteria producing hydrogen sulphide.


These and other indicators should be dealt with swiftly as they may cause permanent damage to your plumbing, tanks and the health of you and your family.


Here, we have pulled together some helpful information to let you see what is involved when you call in water treatment experts to explore the quality of the water entering your home or commercial operation.


Jump in with the team from Watertech Plus now to explore our different services for water quality improvement and discover how they can benefit you.


How do we test your water quality?


No matter what kind of water treatment services you’re considering implementing, the first step is always to get your water tested to see if it contains anything dangerous - and if it meets Ministry of Health guidelines. Knowing what you’re dealing with is the first step towards choosing the filter system that is going to best fit your requirements.

So, how do we get it done?

First, we collect a small sample of your water. We have portable TDS metres to measure water pH and total dissolved solids in your water, helping us to establish a baseline for your water quality. Sometimes, we can do this on-site, but other times, we’ll have to send a sample off to a laboratory if we need more comprehensive testing.


Every job requires something unique, so we take care to carefully test depending on your requirements. Once we have the data, we’ll recommend a treatment service.


Pool & Spa Water Treatment


When it comes to your pool or spa water, having the proper balance is incredibly important. When you think about it, your pool is a large body of water sitting in your backyard. Since it’s standing water, it has the potential to house dangerous bacteria that will grow without treatment - this is especially true over the warmer months.


In the business, we call these lurgies Recreational Water Illnesses or RWIs. An RWI can be anything from a simple ear infection to inflamed lungs, and there is potential for some really serious illnesses, including Cryptosporidium, Giardia and even Hepatitis.


Luckily, with the right pool treatment services, it’s easy to disinfect your pool water and prevent any bacteria from multiplying.


Benefits of Treating Your Pool Water


Correctly adjusted pH prevents skin irritation and allows your pool disinfectant to do its job. With an incorrect pH – for example, if there’s too much chlorine in the water – this can damage your body and actually encourage bacteria to multiply.


Consistently treating your pool water also makes it a lot easier to keep it clean. Not only does this prolong the health of your pool equipment, but it also saves a ton of time and energy on your end and you get to enjoy clear sparkling water in your pool.


Residential Water Filtration 


Residential water filters provide clean, healthy water for everything from cooking to drinking. The right home filtration system stands as a barrier between residents and all sorts of harmful contaminants. Just some of those possible contaminants include:

  •       Pesticides
  •       Viruses
  •       Bacteria
  •       Nitrates
  •       Lead
  •       Arsenic

In the long run, filtering your water also helps your home’s piping last longer with the removal of these harmful substances and, more importantly, it keeps you and your family safe.


Benefits of Installing a Water Filter


A home filtration system has a ton of benefits that make it worth your while.


For one, contaminated drinking water is becoming more and more common with increases in pollution, so it’s important to filter out contaminants in any water you drink at home. Beyond that, you can also reduce potential plumbing issues down the road.


Unfiltered water causes build-up in your plumbing, which may lead to expensive repairs after years of use. It’s one of those things that we almost never think about as homeowners, but when the repairs are needed, they can take a sizable amount of time, money, and energy to execute.


By embracing a preventative approach, you’ll save yourself a ton of stress. That’s the power of water quality improvement, and it’s why the team at Watertech Plus works so hard to match people with the right treatment service for them.


Superior Products, Superior Service


Experience the refreshing difference of purer water today, browse our range or contact us now to discover our top-quality water solutions and enjoy a healthier, cleaner lifestyle.

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