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7 Ways to Upgrade Your Water Pump Efficiency

Water pumps are the heart of your property’s water system, pumping this vital liquid everywhere you need it to go, and the energy costs from such a device can quickly build up. Inefficient water pumps can lead to large spikes in energy consumption, higher operational costs, and an unnecessary strain on your resources.

However, an energy-efficient pump makes all the difference. Whether you live in a home or run a commercial facility, today’s blog post is for you. The experts at Watertech Plus are exploring proven strategies to upgrade your pump efficiency, including reviewing options for solar and bore pumps. Let’s dive right in!

Regular Maintenance and Inspection

All water pumps should be regularly serviced and inspected, no matter where they are on your property. A well-maintained pump operates at its peak, ensuring you get the most bang for your buck.

You can conduct at-home visual inspections to check for leaks, worn-out components, and proper lubrication on all moving parts. However, setting up a regular service check-in with Watertech Plus is essential to tackle the more complex aspects of your pump’s maintenance.

Ensure Your Pump is the Right Size

Your pump size should be proportional to the amount of work you need your pump to do. An oversized pump might consume much more energy than is necessary to shift the amount of water you need, while an undersized pump might struggle to keep up with your needs.

If installing a new pump, ensure that you consult an expert to determine the perfect pump size for your property and needs. If you already have a pump installed, it’s worth checking the pump’s capacity and workload against your water usage statistics to see if your pump is working overtime.

Implement Smart Irrigation Techniques

If you’re using a water pump for residential, industrial or nursery applications, smart irrigation is an excellent choice for increasing pump efficiency. Work with Watertech Plus to design your irrigation system with custom sensors, weather updates, and automation in place. That way, you don’t need to pump water to your irrigation system unless strictly necessary, thus improving efficiency.

Switch to Solar Pumps

Solar pumps are an excellent solution for any property type, especially farmland. Source water wherever you need it on your farm with a water pump designed to go the distance and gain its energy from the blazing sun.

A solar pump won’t draw energy from your grid at all or can supplement your existing system, thus removing a costly line item from your monthly energy bill. Every site and situation varies – pump efficiency can even be affected by your local weather - so it’s important to assess if this is a viable option for you with an expert opinion.

Optimise Bore Pump Depth

Bore water can be a tricky business, especially in New Zealand. Groundwater presents the possibility that your water will be hard, over-saturated with iron and manganese, have an imbalanced pH, or even contain harmful bacteria. Not only that but situating your bore at the wrong depth will increase how hard your pump has to work to shift water through your system.

Whether you live rurally or you’re running a farm on bore water, tailoring the depth of your boreholes is vital to ensure water pump efficiency. The harder the pump has to work, the more energy it costs you, so it’s worth consulting on this ahead of your installation to save time, stress, and money.

Choose Energy-Efficient Models

If you’re able to select a whole new pump for your set-up, upgrading to energy-efficient pumps is the way to go. Advancements in the industry have opened up a ton of options for home and business owners prioritising energy efficiency. With a more modern setup, you can enjoy lower energy bills with the same level of performance you’d see in an older model (if not better).

At the end of the day, enjoying great pump efficiency starts with selecting an energy-efficient pump at the outset. If you’re setting up or renovating your home’s water supply, now’s the time to invest in a pump that will save you energy costs down the line. 

If you already have a water pump that you’d like to ensure is operating at peak efficiency, consult with Watertech Plus to bring your pump up to scratch.

Talk to our team of technicians today!

At Watertech Plus, we specialise in solar pumps, bore pumps, and household pumps that provide crystal-clear water to anywhere on your property. Living and working in rural areas with a water system you have to oversee can be trying at times, but it doesn’t have to be with the right team on your side.

We do everything we can to make this as easy as possible for you. Simply contact our team, and we’ll visit you on-site to handle installations, servicing, and tuning to ensure you’re working with an energy-efficient pump.

Save energy and money with Watertech Plus. Contact us to upgrade your water pump and boost efficiency.

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